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I'm Audra, a 30-something married lesbian. I love interesting heroines, gorgeous prose, place as character, and the occasional werewolf.
Room - Emma Donoghue Confession: I was not planning to read Room.  Ever.  I'm a big weenie about violence toward women, and I'm pretty fastidious, so all the sort of earthy details about breastfeeding and poo and pee and giving birth in a shed would be, I was sure, just too much for me.  But Room, while having such a disturbing premise (and unembarrassed mentions of bodily functions), was remarkably enjoyable.  (Am I totally warped for saying that?)I'm not going to be able to say anything original about the plot nor the writing, so I won't try. And really, my reading of Room was very much shaped by what I'd heard about it, and what I heard Emma Donoghue say about it. I picked up the book knowing it wasn't going to be as monstrous as a rape thriller, and so I felt safe letting Donoghue take my hand into this horrific situation.But I have to tell you -- I found the second half of the book more upsetting than the first. If you're going to read Room and the basic gist hasn't been spoiled for you, skip this paragraph now just in case.  While obviously the events in the first part of the book were shocking and horrifying and disturbing, I found I got more agitated at the second half, mostly at Ma's relatives.  I wanted to throttle her father and slap her mother at times; I hated her brother and his wife.  They seemed so callously oblivious!   The novel ended with a hopeful note that I needed and while I'm still chewing over Jack and Ma (what will they be like in ten years?, etc.), I don't feel utterly traumatized or in need of brain bleach.  I'm not sure Room will be a reread for me the way Donoghue's other books are, but I'm glad I didn't wimp out on this one.  (Thanks, bookclub!)