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I'm Audra, a 30-something married lesbian. I love interesting heroines, gorgeous prose, place as character, and the occasional werewolf.
Changeless - Gail Carriger Maybe I should sit on this a little, since I finished this book literally twenty minutes ago. There's a cliff hanger at the end which I hate, only because my mancrush Conall responds in a way that feels (to me) a bit out of character. I feel awfully curmudgeon-y for this review: while the book was witty and droll, it also felt a little off for me. I disliked the new characters -- Madame Lefoux, Lady Kingair -- and was pretty annoyed with the returning ones -- Ivy and Angelique. The only thing that kept me happy was Alexia and Conall, so it felt like a big slap when I hit the end!I'll revisit this review in a month or two -- we'll see what sticks. I'm pretty sure I'll still be annoyed by the sapphic thing that was going on but maybe I'll feel less hostile about everything else.